Henry VIII had a canopy bed, most who could afford them did so because if you lived in a cold castle, the best way to keep warm in the winter was to close the drapes around the bed and try to keep some of the warmth in that way.

Luckily – we tend to sleep in places that are a little warmer now, but a canopy bed still has some of that delightful elegance about it.

If you have been thinking of getting one, you’ll be happy to know there are canopy bedroom sets for sale. Nowadays there are so many different styles there is no such thing as one type of canopy bed. There are dozens. If you don’t fancy going medieval, perhaps you’d prefer to go Marie-Antoinette and have a French curlicue design.

Modern designers have added minimalism to canopy bed design. Imagine a 3d rectangle in outline with a mattress, but then think too of variations on a theme.  Imagine the struts reducing to infinity at the top – or there being no horizontals at the top. A canopy bed where you imagine the canopy.

You’re more likely to have too much choice when it comes to style than too little.

canopy bedroom sets for sale

Remember though, you have to think about more than length and width. You have to consider two other things. One is height. Is your ceiling high enough to cope with the full height of the bed?  The other thing is the height of your doors. If the head and foot come in one large piece you may find you have trouble getting it through the front door or the bedroom door. So make sure you calculate from the dimension from top left to bottom tight before you fall in love with a canopy bed.